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For Solicitors

We are instructed by a wide range of solicitors, from sole practitioners to magic circle firms, and we aim to provide the same outstanding level of service to all.

Our members seek to work as a team with the solicitors who instruct them.

Chambers UK has recognised our commitment to our clients:

“Many of the solicitors we spoke to regard this set as being streets ahead of the majority of the competition in terms of service. It is home to a supremely user-friendly team that works to the highest standards of excellence, and which is always absolutely professional.

In particular, its proactive and responsive senior clerks are must appreciated. Solicitors see both Keith Nagle and John Clark as people with whom they can build a great rapport. However, it is not just the senior clerks but the entire set that deserves the plaudits.

As for the barristers, they tick all the right boxes as they are on the ball and up to date and always prepared to be flexible on fees. Each individual at the set is very accessible, say clients, who further value the fact that they can pick up the phone or email individuals directly. On a final note, one word repeatedly cropped up in our research when interviewees described this set: ‘integrity’.”

For More Information

Please contact a member of our clerking team.

Having a level of commitment from chambers akin to the level of commitment a client expects from me makes Radcliffe Chambers a perfect team to have on board.

Assistant Solicitor, City Firm